Glee’s 100th Episode Vs. Pretty Little Liars’ Season Finale

Last Tuesday at 8 p.m. the Pretty Little Liars season finale aired opposite Glee’s 100th episode. Which did I watch? Pretty Little Liars, of course, my guilty TV pleasure. I had to find out what happened the night Ali was buried alive!

I did go to YouTube to check out the songs from Glee’s 100th episode. I could care less at this point about plotlines or dialogue. When I watch Glee, I just want the music videos. Which FOX probably knows.

I liked three songs from the episode: Gwyneth Paltrow singing “Happy”, Brittany reprising “Toxic”, and the best was Santana’s reprise of “Valerie.” I just love that song, both the Mark Ronson version and Santana’s.


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