Soundtrack of my life – Pt. 2

The series of blog posts that I’m writing are chronological, beginning with the songs that marked my childhood and ending with the current music that defines my days and nights. Music is how I remember things – where I was, how I felt, what was going on and who was in my life. When I hear these songs, they transport me and they are the soundtrack of my life.

Welcome to Part 2. We’re in the mid 1970’s and for the next several posts I will be introducing the different styles of music that I listened to as a child and influenced my taste in music today. I also still listen to all the songs in the present day.

3. Joel Grey & Liza Minelli, Money (1972)

This is the first musical I remember listening to. My dad and I were on a road trip from New York to Florida. We played the cassette of the soundtrack to the film Cabaret over and over. This is not unusual. As a child I listened to the same albums on repeat.

During a stop for dinner I decided to march around and around the restaurant table singing over and over:

Money makes the world go around/ The world go around/ The world go around.

It’s a funny song and the chorus is quite child-friendly even if the movie is very adult-themed, with the Nazis and all.


4. David Bowie, Introduction (1978)

David Bowie Narrates Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf is a musical symphony for children and a beginner’s guide to the orchestra. David Bowie explains that each character in the story has a particular instrument and musical theme.

The bird = flute, duck = oboe, cat = clarinet, grandfather = bassoon, wolf = french horns, hunters = kettle drums, and Peter = strings. His theme is my favorite and I still find myself humming it as an adult.

I love the whole idea of Peter and the Wolf  and it’s so entertaining as well as educational. If I had children, this would be required listening at an early age.

I enjoy classical music and played classical Piano growing up. I’d like to think that this had some influence.



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