Late Cambrian – Golden Time LP


Late Cambrian is a Brooklyn indie alternative rock band.

Their brand new 2015 album Golden Time is streaming above on SoundCloud. It is available at iTunes.

It was fully funded at PledgeMusic and they are currently signing and mailing out all CDs and Vinyl, which can also be purchased locally and internationally at their website.

Late Cambrian recently completed a successful UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany Tour in October of 2014, and they are currently in the studio rehearsing Golden Time for the stage.

For the Golden Time album cover, Late Cambrian’s female synth player and co-lead vocalist, O, drew 113 PledgeMusic supporters on the album cover.



  1. How has this escaped my radar?

    I’ve just left their album playing in the background whilst browsing the internet and I love their sound, awesome tracks! Thanks for opening my eyes to a new (at least for me) talent.

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