Flawed and Faultless – Be Inspired by the Neighbors

This post is an assignment for Blogging 101. It’s inspired by Renee Ann Pierce’s Flawed and Faultless About page and the comments we made.
Renee’s about page is a tour de force. Here’s an excerpt:

I will write stories that leave you speechless.

I will write to entertain you.

I will write to make you question everything.

I will write to make you cry.

I will write to be heard.

I will write and you will wonder where I came from.

I will write and you will get angry, but you will come back. Because next time I might write something that soothes your soul in a way that makes you smile while your crying.

I will write and you will know you are not alone.

Now that’s an about page. Don’t you want to follow her now?

In Renee’s My Dream Reader post, she writes:

I want this blog space to be a place where I say what I say and then step out of the way. You will then take over my comment section. You will be open and honest and share how whatever I wrote affected you, or encouraged you or gave you something to think about. We will get to know each other and talk it out. We will have a community of flawed but faultless women.

I’m so glad to have found Renee’s blog and can’t wait to see what she has to say and see what I have to say.


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