I joined Weight Watchers

Yesterday I joined Weight Watchers

On Saturday night, Paul (see best.date.ever) and I were talking and he suggested in as nice a way as possible that I should try to lose weight. He said he wants me to be healthy and cares about me.
Of course I felt immediately awful and ugly and undeserving of anyone’s love. Good self-talk there! Upon returning to my apartment I had a good 10 minute cry.
The next day I was checking my hotmail and this large ad came up to join Weight Watchers for 1 month free. I had never considered a formal weight loss program before, but clearly I needed to try something. And not to make Paul happy, but for me to feel better and prettier.
The great thing is, it’s all online. I don’t have to schlep to a meeting. There is also a 24/7 chat with a coach feature which I have already used. They have a great mobile app to help you track your food and activity. They even give you a personal blog!
I like that there are no banned foods. It’s all based on a Points Plus system. I have set a goal to drop 55 lbs. Please wish me luck. Because I once looked like this.



    1. It was actually several days since our first date. I was not pleased I can tell you that. In the end it’s about me. I know I am too heavy. I actually appreciate the kick-in-the-ass that it gave me. I intend to be in better shape. Health over boys.

  1. I am glad you are doing it for you. My husband tried to drop that on me before I was pregant with my second child. I told him if he doesnt look like a calvin kline model, I’m not looking like a victoria secret model! 😉

  2. I did the Weight Watchers program a few years ago and got to my goal weight. I went to the meetings though and had to get on the scales there each week. The support was amazing. Go girl!

    1. I find the most interesting part is tracking your food and the points. They have online 24/7 chat support. I really didn’t want to go to a meeting. I do everything online anyway.

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