R.I.P. Lucy 2000-2015

There are thousands of cute cat videos online. Today’s motivational post and video are dedicated to my beloved cat Lucy, who passed February 28, 2015. I took this video of Hamlet, Lucy’s best friend, grooming her quite recently. Lucy had pancreatic cancer and I was given just moments to make a decision to put her to sleep. I didn’t know she was sick and she and I hugged goodbye. I kissed her sweet head and it was over quickly. I cry every day I miss her so much.
Within the same week, Hamlet, my feisty and sweet 15 year old, was diagnosed with small cell gastrointenstinal lymphoma. Hamlet began to get sick on Christmas Eve 2014. He saw 2 vets and is under the care of an oncologist. He has a very good prognosis and began chemotherapy pills last night. In addition, he takes chicken flavored prednisolone. He is a fighter and we’re praying he will enter remission.

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