North Fork – Shelter Island #1

On the first day of my 2 day mini-break to the North Fork of Long Island, NY I visited Shelter Island.

I took the ferry from Greenport, which took 10 minutes. It was a lovely ride to a picturesque island of Victorian houses and nature preserves.

I walked around, starting down a dead end leading to the exclusive Shelter Island Yacht Club. I continued exploring Shelter Island Heights and then back to Greenport and my hotel, The Greenporter.

I took a hot bath and was asleep by 8 pm in my fabulous bed.

Wednesday my friend Connie is coming to spend the day with me in Greenport Village.

The only thing about this trip is that the night before I left I discovered a tumor on Hamlet’s paw. It’s unrelated to his small cell lymphoma. When I get home I will have some heart wrenching decisions to make.

I’m having trouble uploading photos. I will try to add them to the next post.



  1. Oh Jill honey I’m so sorry about Hamlet. That’s not good.
    However I am glad you’re getting away and having a nice time. It will be great to have Connie visit with you. Your bed sounds amazing 🙂 x

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