The Mantells – Men In Suits


The Mantells are a 3-Piece Indie Band from Manchester. They are Tom Barrow Vocals/Guitar, Dale Moran Backing Vocals/Bass and Lewis Moran Backing Vocals/Drums.

Their upcoming single out in June is called “Payday Playboys.” Check out their youtube video for their catchy pop song”Men in Suits” and buy their music on iTunes.



    1. Thanks, Adele! There are many talenyed bands from there. Thanks for the recco of The Wombats. I now have something to research for a writer’s meetup I’m hosting tonight. I am always looking for new bands to write about. šŸ™‚

      1. Oh, that’s cool! You’re the best at discovering new bands, though your posts also remind me of some of the oldies too. Hope you enjoy exploring their music!

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