#tbt Spin Doctors – Two Princes


Way back in the very late 80’s I used to go see the Spin Doctors at Wetlands playing with Blues Traveler. They were an awesome NYC band and I loved their music. They didn’t become famous for this song until a few years later when it was a massive hit.

Do you remember where you were when you hear “Two Princes?”


  1. …and this one, says he wants to buy you rockets… Love Spin Doctors!!! What a throwback. This song is on my iPod. Of course. Are you surprised? It’s the only song of theirs I know though….

  2. This is such a throwback, funnily enough the lead singer – Chris Barron – followed me on Twitter a few weeks ago, so I revisited some of their tracks then! Love Two Princes x

      1. Apparently he is touring solo. I just thought because I follow Spin Doctors he followed me. I like his solo stuff also. They were a huge band for awhile. I love their hits.

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