Hamlet’s health update


Hamlet spent Halloween weekend in the icu at the vet. They think he has chronic renal failure. Also his carcinoma is back on his paw and in his lymph node in his leg. He seems to still be in remission from his small cell lymphoma.

Hamlet is almost 16 and I love him so dearly I can’t bear to have him suffer. I don’t know how much time we have left with my precious cat. I’m obviously losing sleep over it all. I am heartbroken.


  1. Jill my heart breaks for what you and Hamlet are going through. He has been a lucky boy to have had all the tender loving care you gave him all these years. You were both blessed to have each other. Just remember that I am here if you need me.

    1. Thanks, Adele. I’m just trying to spend lots of time with him. He’ll let me know when it’s time. I never though his kidneys would be the cause but it’s common for older cats. Thank you for for your sweet thoughts. xx

  2. Jilly hun, how awful. You’ve been through so much with him, I thought he was doing so well. I feel for you, I really do. Little Miss G is in surgery today for a little growth on her eyelid and it’s so hard waiting to hear from the vet. My heart goes out to you. Xox.

    1. Thanks dj. I hope GG heals soon. I haven’t left Hamlet’s side for hours. He didn’t eat or drink tonight. We have been through a lot and he’s a fighter but it’s time. Thank you for your kind words and understanding! xx

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