1. I recently became obsessed with The Wendy Williams Show. I had never heard anything from Adele previously. Wendy raved on about Adele. She said she had over 3 million views (or something) on YouTube with the song Hello in record time! She’s a gossiper so she also added that Taylor Swift was paying people on the internet not to promote Adele’s video. I really hope that’s not true. I wouldn’t say I exactly like Taylor (she made a comment that she prefers to be friends with celebrities because they don’t ask her for stuff. That really rubbed me the wrong way), but I have a special place for Taylor. Call it respect? She’s the only performer out there today who’s not completely obsessed with her sexuality. She doesn’t post half naked pics of herself on her Instagram. Instead, she posts pics of her cats and baking cookies with her friends. And she’s famous. It does go to show people do admire substance (or do I mean abstinence)? I also admire Taylor because I saw her go to the hospital and visit a little boy with leukemia. He was so excited! That really had a profound effect on me.

      1. I accidentally stumbled on her one day looking for the source of a YouTube video entitled “Beyonce’s Skin Bleaching controversy”.

        I was amazed to find the most privileged people in our culture, who can possess anything desire, remain so unfulfilled!

        I watch them wonder from relationship to relationship (or indulge in substance abuse or drug and rape women using the promise of a better career as bait or whatever it is they choose in their desperate search for true satisfaction ).

        They lack any real moral values and prostitute themselves in the name of relevance.

        They take pride in their work ethic but in the end this isn’t their answer.

        Their motives are as shallow and transparent as the common saying “Keeping Up With The Jones”.

        It’s discouraging

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