Now that my trip to Las Vegas is ending I am filled with grief. I escaped it for a week by taking a spontaneous vacation.

When I arrive home, there will be an empty apartment. I will never get over the loss of both Hamlet and Lucy in the same year.

Grief is not just about death. Ending my recent relationship for good is leaving an empty feeling inside. One that I will fill with friends and just as I don’t want another cat, I also don’t want another serious relationship.

Finally and unfortunately, my trip to Las Vegas caused an estrangement from my father.

When I think about it I realize that I am very strong. It’s pretty brave to spend 5 days and nights in Las Vegas by yourself. I made the best of it. I am however very much looking forward to going back to NYC.

2015 was a tough year. I’m really wishing 2016 will bring more joy into my life.

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