Dan Lipton – Dark Water


Dark Water is the new single from Dan Lipton’s upcoming LP Breathing In. Although settled now in D.C., Dan spent some time in Brooklyn, which inspired Dark Water. It’s a gorgeous atmospheric folk song heavy with longing, sadness, heartbreak and his rich voice draws you in.

Each track on Breathing In is tied to a specific location. “It’s a collection of songs that seeks meaning in the everyday experiences of urban living, drinking and getting older” Lipton reflects. “I wanted to capture some measure of anticipation with no real resolution, which is why the album is called Breathing In.”

It’s quite an upbeat folk-pop album. Songs “Whiskey and Wine” and “Mocking Bird” have heavy lyrics with a Paul Simon-like pop sound. “Come on Georgia” showcases a difficult time and is an example of how Breathing In is like a travel journal written in music. I love the train imagery and metaphors of a troubled soul on “Hudson River Line.” “End Of The World” has gorgeous harmonies and is uplifting despite its title. “Wings Of A Crow” features a romantic duet and is optimistic and country-tinged. “MTA” may be the happiest song on Breathing In and has a heavy country sound despite being about a late night subway ride in NYC.

Breathing In is an album I highly recommend and will be released on February 19, 2016.

Connect with Dan Lipton:
Official Website

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