Kylie Odetta – High Dreamer EP


Rising star Kylie Odetta is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter whose classic pop sensibilities fall somewhere between the indie nuance of Lana Del Rey and the pristine acoustic pop of Corinne Bailey Rae.

Kylie has always found sanctuary in her music and shines on her new EP High Dreamer. It is a decidedly stripped down release and a deliberate move to highlight the young songstress’ innate gifts. “This time I made a conscious decision to let the passion in my vocals speak for me and not hide behind production,” Kylie reflects. Asserting that the reason she is pursuing this is not to hear herself on top 40 but to simply connect with others, Kylie adds “I want to remind people of the glorious moments, that there is power in vulnerability, of the beauty in choosing to feel deeply, and of the satisfaction in taking a leap of faith”.

While the EP is imbued with strong hints of indie, pop and blues, it is Kylie’s classic sensibilities that shine through. It is a more mellow and organic vibe than she has released in the past, focusing on the piano and vocals as well as selected elements to create a dreamy atmosphere for the listener.

The title track “High Dreamer” is sensual and dreamy pop. “Sweet Innocence” has a Colbie Caillat-like sound. My favorite track is the EPs surprise ballad “Can’t Erase It.” It was a result of a little studio magic. Picked to be included after the engineer and producer heard Kylie singing it as a warm up. “Everyone kind of stopped what they were doing and decided it had to be on the EP,” recalls Kylie. “We immediately recorded a couple takes of the song and the best version was picked for the EP.”

The video is gorgeous and “Can’t Erase It” evokes a love lost beautifully.

The High Dreamer EP will be released on February 12th. You can preview three of the tracks below.

Connect with Kylie:
Official Website

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