Loser’s Way Home – Place of No Return


Place of No Return from Loser’s Way Home on Vimeo.

Loser’s Way Home is an Arizona-based indie rock band with a new EP out July 22 called Songs for the Rest of Us. Place of No Return is the first single off the EP. The lyrics are moving and thoughtful, yet hopeful despite telling the story and aftermath of a breakup delicately.

Their sound is warmly familiar yet and musically challenging. Their innovative approach to their content, which often includes effect laden acoustic instruments and multiform harmonies, carves out a distinct sonic niche in the world of confessional folk rock. Most striking is their use of violin and mandolin throughout the exquisitely produced and uplifting EP.

Formed in Memphis, they are Randall Downs (principle songwriter, guitar, lead vocals) Steven Bowman (violin, piano, mandolin, vocals) Rex Gorman (bass, keys, vocals) and Ryan Veach (drums).

Love Songs for the Rest of Us was produced by Jars of Clay guitarist Matthew Odmark and finds the band grounded in more emotional territory with the majority of the material focusing on the cause and effects of true love. Their unique vision had resulted in their most personal work to date.

Buy it on iTunes on July 22.

Connect with the band:
Official Website


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