Kylie Odetta – Dangerous Woman / This Is What You Came For / Give Me Love (MASH UP)


Today singer-songwriter Kylie Odetta released her new video, a mash-up of current pop songs done in her own jazzy and blues style. It’s a really cool effect and produced seamlessly. I really love Kylie’s intepretation. Kylie describes the process of making the video:

“Making the arrangement for this song and then recording the video was a really unique and collaborative experience for me. I found it very inspiring to take songs that have already been produced in the way the artist intended and then completely create a new vibe and sound. It’s a much more emotional and dark feel than the original songs and having some super swells on the electric guitar as well as select drum parts adds to the dramatic pull of the song. I hope that people dig it just as much as I do!”

I wrote about Kylie back in February, when she released her EP High Dreamer. You can read the profile here.

High Dreamer is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Connect with Kylie:
Official Website


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