The Grand Undoing – Sparks Rain Down From The Lights of Love

The​ Grand Undoing’s ​sophomore LP, Sparks Rain Down From The Lights of Love, releases today on Secret Candy Rock Records. Their sound is highly unique yet reminiscent of 70’s era David Bowie, Elvis Costello, the pop of The Raspberries and angst of Morrissey.

Seth Goodman, who records as The Grand Undoing, has two extreme passions in life: drinking sparkling wine and creating psychedelic post-rock Americana confronting alienation and mortality. This strange mix, the bubbly and brooding, creates an incredible musical cocktail.

An only child, Goodman leaned hard on his record player while coming of age just outside of Boston. The area’s free-form college radio and vibrant club scene also had a profound effect. The final piece fell into place later in life when Goodman developed a deep affinity for classic country and roots music. All these influences would swirl and collide with his deeply entrenched outsider’s sensibility to form The Grand Undoing’s distinctive sound.

When reflecting on the heady topics presented in the new material, Goodman explains that the end result is meant to uplift and inspire. He hopes The Grand Undoing’s music will provide a cinematic escape, make great driving music, or be the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of sparkling wine.

Stream the track below and buy the LP today on iTunes.

Connect with The Grand Undoing:
Official Website

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