Tamtam – Old Soul


Based in L.A. and raised between the Middle East and the West, Tamtam strives to serve as a musical bridge between these two regions. Her profound lyrics and her strong message stand out in today’s sea of music artists, where she presents to music lovers around the world a message of empowerment that encourages all people to use their voice to create positive change.

Her musical journey continues with her latest single Old Soul. The video for Old Soul is like a short film with the song as its soundtrack. Old Soul is a song about not letting time dictate how we feel about ourselves or what we can do with our lives, because it’s never too late. This song displays Tamtam’s talents, not only as a singer, but also as a strong songwriter with a unique and unifying musical energy.

Connect with Tamtam:
Official Website


  1. Stellar choices in your last three music blogs. Love each of them, Sparks Rain Down from the Lights of Love, St. Adeline (just grooved on how well those voices meshed) and TamTam. Love hearing new (to me) music!

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