Amy Guess – 10 Times Out Of 10

Las Vegas electro-pop singer Amy Guess has a new video for “10 Times Out Of 10.” It’s from her upcoming EP of the same title out soon. The really cool video is 80’s themed and is reminiscent of that era.

Amy Guess shared this about her EP:

“I have spent the last well over a year on this music, it is the most honest and vulnerable I have ever been with my music and it’s taken me a lot of writing and breaking down my own walls to let it out. It’s songs about my love, songs about lost love, songs written on my worst days and songs written on my happiest, it has been therapeutic and it’s been painful, it’s been frightening and it’s been thrilling, and letting it out of the long closed cage is quite scary but along with that fear I couldn’t be more excited to share this music with you all, music I have written for you all and I hope you all find strength and connection in these songs the way I have in writing them. “10 times out of 10”, why this title? Well it came down to one of the huge reasons I’ve continued pursuing music and that is my rock, my shoulder, my 10 times out of 10, my ride or die homie, my love – his support and belief in me has been my anchor through my journey and so the song I wrote about him had to be the title track and the title for the EP. I also loved it as the title because throughout any of my lowest moments and moments where I believed in myself the least, music is something I could never imagine letting go, no matter the fear, doubt and insecurities in pursuing it the fear of letting go and not pursuing it left me feeling even more paralyzed, empty and afraid. Music also my 10 times out of 10, I don’t have a back up plan, I never have, it’s not what happens during my pursuit that matters, what matters is I will always continue to pursue it for the love and the inner deepest need and desire to create and make music.”

Amy Guess will be playing a show in Las Vegas on October 18th at Gold Spike on their Down & Derby night.

Connect with Amy Guess:
Official Website

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