Emeline releases euphoric music video for “Angel”

 Emeline is a new name that should be familiar in everyone’s tongues by the end of this post and music video. She will be one that will surely challenge the Pop artists of the future to see who will sit atop as soon as Beyonce and Rihanna plan to retire. Of course, no one is stopping Beyonce any time soon because well, she’s Beyonce. Here is a little track that will surely get Emeline to move in the eyes of fame and rise up the ranks of familiarity. “Angel” is a proclamation that she can do anything she sets her mind to; all she needs is an “Angel” to lead her marching on the right path and not scale off one bit. As each and every one of us need a bit of guidance, a guardian angel to help us through the rough patches in our lives.

Let us get back to the video that will do all this for us. The music video for “Angel” is full of vibrant visuals that truly let the life of youths truly shine, literally. It truly describes those nights when you are at a grand party, supposed to be enjoying yourself having the time of your life, but you can’t help but feel isolated at times, as if amongst all these people, there really is no one who truly cares for you. This is why “Angel” can be your very own guardian angel every time you listen to it to remind you that you are never alone because you have Emeline there with you. Watch the video for yourself and let us know how you like it.

Official Website

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