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Eddy Yang releases new Pop track, “Split The Night”

“Well you don’t see that everyday,” something we say when we are just in awe of something really unordinary that you witness. Well, check this out! We have here an emerging Asian American Indie Rock artist that is based out of the Los Angeles area. We had very high and probably unrealistic expectations because we expected him to take it to the next level the way Jeremy Lin did with basketball, but instead we were sorely let down. His new track, “Split The Night” was a great idea but the execution was poor.
We were excited when we thought we listened to some sweet guitar riffs that is played over electronic beats. We were even more excited when we learned that many of his influences were: The Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen, even modern artists like Kanye West, Beaches and Chvrches. As we can see with this mix of influences, Eddy Yang stick the confines of rock but he also embraces the production styles of pop music. All of this sounds good on paper, but unfortunately, we agreed that this just did not sound good, period. We don’t like to kick people while they’re down so we will only point out two faults that were our main concerns for Eddy.
For one, we were not impressed with the vocals at all. We can already feel that his vocal range is limited, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many vocalists made a great living sticking to their niche, but Eddy’s vocals is nothing that is distinct but rather bland and monotonous. Don’t get us wrong, this is something that can be practiced but as we all know, a unique talented voice cannot be taught. Our other main concern was with the production, which can be fixed immediately with a bit of a deeper investment. It just doesn’t sound professionally mixed or even in tune. We might be being a bit harsh on Eddy Yang, but listen to “Split The Night” and let us know how you feel about this track.

Cali De La Rosa releases new music video for “Summer Baby”

Cali De La Rosa has been compared to other acts such as Kylie Minogue, Lana Del Rey, Bruno Mars, and a little sprinkle of Daft Punk. “Summer Baby” combines the Pop electronics of today with Nu Disco vibes from the Studio 54 nights of yesteryear’s past. Her smokey and soulful voice mixed with her glamorous visuals of sweet femininity are creating a new wave of unique artistry and club sounds bound to get you groovin’. Her vocals in this track are just electric that blends so well with all the mixing from the instruments; truly feeling that this production was perfectly blended with the vocal talent of Cali De La Rosa. Transport your mind to Studio 54 by listening to “Summer Baby” by Cali De La Rosa.

Emeline releases euphoric music video for “Angel”

 Emeline is a new name that should be familiar in everyone’s tongues by the end of this post and music video. She will be one that will surely challenge the Pop artists of the future to see who will sit atop as soon as Beyonce and Rihanna plan to retire. Of course, no one is stopping Beyonce any time soon because well, she’s Beyonce. Here is a little track that will surely get Emeline to move in the eyes of fame and rise up the ranks of familiarity. “Angel” is a proclamation that she can do anything she sets her mind to; all she needs is an “Angel” to lead her marching on the right path and not scale off one bit. As each and every one of us need a bit of guidance, a guardian angel to help us through the rough patches in our lives.

Let us get back to the video that will do all this for us. The music video for “Angel” is full of vibrant visuals that truly let the life of youths truly shine, literally. It truly describes those nights when you are at a grand party, supposed to be enjoying yourself having the time of your life, but you can’t help but feel isolated at times, as if amongst all these people, there really is no one who truly cares for you. This is why “Angel” can be your very own guardian angel every time you listen to it to remind you that you are never alone because you have Emeline there with you. Watch the video for yourself and let us know how you like it.

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Camille Peruto – Crooked Roads

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Who ever in here has ever felt that they need some guidance to follow the right path in their life? The feeling that we are just drifting through our days because we don’t know what we want to do or to even believe. There is just too many roads to take that it’s difficult to choose the best one is. Camille Peruto wants you to be valiant and to just decide on a road, no matter if it may be “Crooked Roads”, the point is you chose it, no one ever really really knows what road is the correct road anyways. Camille tries to paint you a picture where crooked roads do go so that you may be wary of where they may lead but nevertheless, choose one that makes you happy and leaves you satisfied with the results.

Musically, Camille Peruto came out in Season 14 of American Idol and that has warranted her to open for big acts such as the Dave Matthews band and Tim Reynolds, but this New Jersey based pop artist is destined for great success with the talent she possesses. Vocally, she is tremendous in “Crooked Roads” and she has a way of connecting with her audience. It is such a surreal and eerie feeling but we defintely appreciate her for showing us the way. Listen to “Crooked Roads” at SoundCloud.

From the Sea to the Sky is Camille Peruto’s second album, just released last week. Buy her music on iTunes.

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Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy – The Miller Girl

Yes, “The Miller Girl” is a reference to the beer and the Miller girl is portrayed in the Miller ad. Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy are geniuses for making the Miller girl a girl we want to marry and bring home to meet our parents.

The music video itself follows the Miller Girl and shows who she truly is and why we should care about her. We see her enjoying the life she lives and enjoying nature, especially the beautiful music being provided for her by Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy. Steve Hussey sings beautifully as if singing to the Miller girl herself saying that “I’m gonna marry that girl someday.” The music video is just simple and relaxing, nothing fancy but still enjoyable to watch. Steve Hussey just wants the Miller girl to find someone special, as we all deserve to live happy with the people we love.

“The Miller Girl” provides something we don’t hear anymore, a space for the violin to shine. Throughout the song but also its own solo and believe us when we say, it is perhaps the most beautiful sound we have heard come out of a violin someday. Jake Eddy is himself in bringing down the house with his banjo expertise to provide a melancholy melody to compliment the Miller girl.

Such a great track that I am excited to listen to the rest of the album. Be sure to give Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy a listen and give “The Miller Girl” the love she deserves.

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Bitter’s Kiss and The Blue Stones release heart-warming video for “These Bells Will Ring”


Vulnerable: susceptible to emotional or physical harm. No one ever wants to feel vulnerable to things that may do them harm. May is the key word here. Bitter’s Kiss and Blue Stone bring you “These Bells Will Ring,” which allows Bitter’s Kiss to show their vulnerability that they have been known to show and tell.

You may be thinking that they’re crazy for allowing strangers to have a chance to emotionally harm them, but the beautiful thing is, that when they show their emotive songwriting, it’s a revelation of not being afraid to show who they are. Many of us wish we had the courage and strength to go out into the world and worry not of being judged. “These Bells Will Ring” allows us as listeners to really dive into the emotions of Bitter’s Kiss and into ourselves. Peace will come to those who allow themselves to be shown. Allow yourself to say “Hello world! I am here, I am who I am and I don’t have to be afraid anymore” Anyone can judge you but to let it affect us is indeed up to us. “These Bells Will Ring” is a short and sweet proclamation to the world. Let us proclaim with Bitter’s Kiss as we listen and share “These Bells Will Ring.”

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