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Portfolio – Writing 101

Hi, dear readers of Jillypopmusic! I am back from my trip and catching up on the online course I am taking called Writing 101.

I have posted the writing assignments for my class on my other blog Portfolio. I hope you’ll check it out, perhaps leave a comment or subscribe.

Jill – spinoff blog

Dear followers and readers of Jillypopmusic. This was always intended to be purely a blog about independent music. It started to veer into creative writing and I have decided to spin off into a new wordpress blog which will be a portfolio of my writing.

If you’re interested, please visit

My first post is live

Thanks for following my blog! I hope you will follow my portfolio blog also.


all worlds are born in mighty dreams (a triolet)

Katerina Marks wrote a beautiful poem that I am pleased to share today, since Wednesday is my day for creative writing posts.

Kat's Scribbles

all worlds are born in mighty dreams
for many views there are no eyes
tears give life to beautiful streams
all worlds are born in mighty dreams
secrets take flight on soft moonbeams
despair washed away in deep sighs
all worlds are born in mighty dreams
for many views there are no eyes

Katerina Marks
3 Feb 2015

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The girl on the train to Siena


Wednesday’s creative writing post is a very short story I wrote during a one-week Writing Workshop in Tuscany.(Photo credit

The Girl on the Train to Siena

I board the train for a day trip to Siena and I take a seat by the window. The car is empty. I close my eyes and stretch my legs.

Just as the train is about to pull out, I am suddenly surrounded by six young American girls. They scramble into seats like the music has just stopped in a game of musical chairs.

They are thin and tan, their long legs smooth, their faces unfettered by lines. They are all equally attractive in the way that friends are, naturally gravitating towards one another, but I wouldn’t call them pretty.

Except for one girl.

She was sitting to my left and had long, straight brown hair that fell just below her breasts and smelled of Finesse shampoo. She wore a blue denim miniskirt and simple black tank top and wore a thin gold anklet above red flip-flops.

As the train rolled along the Tuscan countryside, she tilted her head backwards and drifted into sleep. Her body swayed as the train took curves, and as her head dipped to the right the tips of her hair grazed my left arm.

It was lovely, like the stroke of a feather.

The train rocked to the left and she tilted her head upright.

Another curve to the right, and her head fell further sideways and her hair tumbled across my arm. This time she did not lift her head back up, so her tresses rested like a summer shawl on my bare skin.

I glanced at her friends to see if they noticed her hair draped across a stranger’s arm, but they were absorbed in their conversation.

Only a few minutes went by, but it felt like hours, and I wished I could have run my fingers through her hair.

The train stopped abruptly, jolting her awake, as we had arrived in Siena.

With a blow of the conductor’s whistle, I smiled as I watched her walk slowly away.

Motivational Monday | “Pleased to Meet You”

I’m sharing this stellar post by the Girl in Glasses. It has a great message and a lovely poem as well. When you’re done reading it, put down your phone and actually talk to someone. You never know who’s life you could change with a friendly hello and smile.

The Girl In Glasses


After reading the Blogging101 assignment today, I decided to incorporate WordPress’ Daily Prompt into my Motivational Monday post. I was considering the “pleased to meet you” prompt in terms of people that are part of our lives, whether that is for a passing second or a growing relationship over a number of years.

It’s plaintive to think that many people are prone to leaving their houses and closing themselves off from the world, rather than entering it – some choosing to shuffle from A-B with their head magnetised towards the path beneath them, others keeping their vision firmly locked on to their latest fruit-shaped electronic device, or blocking out all life around them with an orchestra of sounds playing through their headphones. How often do we really stop and look?

I feel that we could all gain something from being a little more personable and kinder to those around us. A simple greeting to the…

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griffla writing assignment – I’m Megaparsec

Griffla’s creative writing assignment for today:

Write about a character who has been named after a space term. What’s the story behind the character getting their name? How do they feel about it? How do they hold their body when they introduce themselves to someone? How do people react to the name?

It was the first day of 5th grade for Giovanni Cassini Ricci and he held his mother Sarah’s hand tightly as they walked up the steps to the front door. Sarah leaned over to kiss his cheek. He didn’t stop her. Cassini, she whispered, it will be okay. The other boys and girls will like you. Don’t call me that, Mommy! He pulled his hand away abruptlly. My name is Joey. Why can’t you call me Joey? Okay, go, Jooooh-eeeee she mocked as he went through the school door. Sarah laughed and continued to her job at the high school where she taught French and Astronomy.

Joey Ricci had learned early in his American elementary school experiences that no good will come when you are asked your name and you reply Giovanni Cassini Ricci, in Dallas, Texas. No one could ever pronounce Giovanni. Joh-vannie, the teacher would say in a southern drawl. He hated it. Cassini was what his mother called him. Giovanni had heard the story too many times of how he came to be named Giovanni Cassini. For now he insisted on the name Joey, because he heard it on the tv show “Friends.” There was an Italian character he liked on the show named Joey Tribbiani. He was handsome, a bit slow, but could charm the girls. So he picked Joey for his name when he entered 4th grade after moving to Dallas from Chicago.

Secretly, Joey actually liked his middle name Cassini. When he arrived at college in New York, Joey told everyone his name was Cassini Ricci. It was a new city, a new school, and girls in his class would light up when he introduced himself. Of course he faked an Italian accent when he said it, but the girls ate it up. Joey had been born in Chicago and then lived in Dallas and had a strange combination of both regional dialects when he spoke. So, Presto! Joey became Cassini Ricci, born in Milano, a distant relation to fashion designer Oleg Cassini.

It wasn’t until he met Lila Jane Cohen that he let the charade fall. Lila was an Astro-Physics major and met Cassini in the library, one very cold night in October. October 15, 1997. He would never forget that day.

Lila was a sophomore and saw a very handsome freshman from her dormitory floor. She wanted to meet him and they met cute that evening in the library. Lila asked him if she could borrow a pen. Hers had run out of ink.

What’s your name, Lila said. Cassini, he poured the accent on real smooth. You’re kidding, she laughed. No, I’m not. He folded his arms in front of his chest and stood back against the wall. She knows I’m a fraud, he suddenly thought. She knows I’m Joey from Dallas.
He was so wrong.

So you know what tonight is, right, Cassini? Lila asked. He had no clue. Lila explained that the Cassini-Huygens unmanned spacecraft was launching tonight and being sent to Saturn. Lila went on to explain to him who Giovanni Cassini was. He smiled. His mother had told him all about him. He liked Lila, so he let her tell him the story behind his namesake.

Giovanni Cassini, she explained, was a famous astronomer and engineer born in Italy in 1625. He later moved to Paris and set up the Paris Observatory while becoming the official astronomer and astrologer to Louis XIV, The Sun King. He spent the rest of his life in Paris and became known as Jean-Dominque Cassini. He died in 1712. The Cassini-Huygens space probe launched successfully, as did the relationship between future husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Giovanni Cassini Ricci.

Griffla creative writing workshop – Displaced

Here’s today’s Griffla assignment

The red high heels were resting on the middle rack of the oven. He knew she didn’t cook, but those heels sizzled.
He had been looking for a tea kettle. He stored his pots and pans in the oven. He assumed she did as well.
He kept looking for the tea kettle and when she walked into the kitchen he pretended he no longer wanted any tea.
Did he want coffee, instead? She asked. He thought about it. Sure, he replied. It was 9 p.m. He really didn’t want coffee. He also did not see a coffeemaker on the counter. Maybe she had instant coffee. Maybe it didn’t matter, because she walked right up and kissed him, standing on her tiptoes.