Now that my trip to Las Vegas is ending I am filled with grief. I escaped it for a week by taking a spontaneous vacation.

When I arrive home, there will be an empty apartment. I will never get over the loss of both Hamlet and Lucy in the same year.

Grief is not just about death. Ending my recent relationship for good is leaving an empty feeling inside. One that I will fill with friends and just as I don’t want another cat, I also don’t want another serious relationship.

Finally and unfortunately, my trip to Las Vegas caused an estrangement from my father.

When I think about it I realize that I am very strong. It’s pretty brave to spend 5 days and nights in Las Vegas by yourself. I made the best of it. I am however very much looking forward to going back to NYC.

2015 was a tough year. I’m really wishing 2016 will bring more joy into my life.

Writing 101 – Magic


Las Vegas, whose magic cast a spell, enchanted me to stay.
Eat, drink, play, explore, she beckoned.

The magic of her strip of dreams, fulfilled and dashed, of winners and losers.

Her bridges filled with homeless and beggars can’t spoil her brightness.

She’s like Circe, the Goddess of Magic, to whom Odysseus didn’t succumb, but remained for the feast and wine.


Writing 101 – Las Vegas series of 5 poems


Since I am visiting Las Vegas during my Writing 101 course, I decided to put assignments 1 to 5 in a Las Vegas theme.

The prompts are:
1. magic
2. reflections
3. sleep
4. seconds
5. freedom

I will post each separately and hope to be finished catching up by Monday.

Beaujolais, s’il vous plait


The first wine I ever had was in Paris many years ago and it was Beaujolais. OK, I know zilch about wine and I have tried several other reds, but my favorite will always be the youthful wine from my youth.

I was backpacking around Europe and there was a southern BBQ restaurant that I had read about in a guide book. So I show up, but they said they were closed for a wedding party. I was a bit dismayed and then they invited me to come in and crash! It was a splendid evening and I remember there being many bottles of wine. All Beaujolais. I was given a glass or two, danced up a storm, and left with a wonderful memory of a unique Parisian adventure.

Ever since, whenever I go out to eat and peruse the wine list, 99% of the time there is not Beaujolais. As I later learned, it’s more of a table wine and I suppose the sommeliers are snobby about it. Except at the NYC restaurant The Meatball Shop, I recently ordered my favorite.

Generally I pick up a $9.99 bottle at my liquor store and since I don’t drink much, one bottle lasts about 4-5 days. I love it. I always will. And I suppose you never forget your first.

North Fork – Shelter Island #1

On the first day of my 2 day mini-break to the North Fork of Long Island, NY I visited Shelter Island.

I took the ferry from Greenport, which took 10 minutes. It was a lovely ride to a picturesque island of Victorian houses and nature preserves.

I walked around, starting down a dead end leading to the exclusive Shelter Island Yacht Club. I continued exploring Shelter Island Heights and then back to Greenport and my hotel, The Greenporter.

I took a hot bath and was asleep by 8 pm in my fabulous bed.

Wednesday my friend Connie is coming to spend the day with me in Greenport Village.

The only thing about this trip is that the night before I left I discovered a tumor on Hamlet’s paw. It’s unrelated to his small cell lymphoma. When I get home I will have some heart wrenching decisions to make.

I’m having trouble uploading photos. I will try to add them to the next post.