Emalia – Own Your Own

Emalia is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. “On Your Own” is the new single off of her upcoming EP releasing in Summer 2017. The song, co-written by Emalia and Australian songwriter/producer Adam Reily, tells the story of a cheating partner and explains the emotional journey and thought processes a person might go through after experiencing such a betrayal.

Emalia takes the listener right into the center of the narrative through her powerful, emotionally raw lyrics and soulful sound. Although there is an undeniable aspect of vulnerability and helplessness in her words, Emalia encourages her audience to stay strong in hard times such as these, with themes of empowerment and self-love prevalent in the lyrics as she sings, “Showed no respect for the love I gave/Go, you’re on your own.”

The track features strong 90’s and 2000’s throwbacks, nodding to the likes of Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah, which ties in nicely with Emalia’s own original modern-pop spin.

We really dig this heartbreak anthem from Emalia, so check out “On Your Own” on YouTube.

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The Vultures

I’m delighted to have a guest blogger for Jillypopmusic. Desleyjane is from Australia and will be presenting The Vultures. I am always excited to discover new great bands and what better way than from the locals!

The Vultures is an Australian band – a trio from the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. I went to a gig last year to see a colleague of a friend perform and she was in the lineup with 3 other bands. We stuck around to hear these guys and I am so glad we did. I’ve found a new favourite band – these guys are cool. It’s quite exciting to come across a band who are part alternative, part blues, and a lot of rock. They’re quite young but their sound is not.

They’ve been around since 2012 and they’re a passionate group of guys who are working hard to be heard – and they are well worth a listen. Their music is fresh but with a familiar feel thanks to the influence of some cool blues layering through their tracks.

The Vultures are currently writing and preparing for their next studio release, but they have kindly passed on their latest music video from The Vultures EPII – I’m so excited to show you this track! The song is called “Eleven Fifteen” and it is a lively and rocking track, well put together.

For an extra special treat, I’m adding my favourite song – “Shot Me Down”- a great video too.

Comprising Liam Bowditch (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Joe MacPhail (Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals) and Jay Varudo (Bass GuitarBacking Vocals), The Vultures are definitely a band to watch.

A little word on the photography, since I’m a photoblogger at heart 😉

These photos were taken when I was still quite new to photography. Please forgive my lack of sharpness, but I think they capture the moments from the night. I had a blast watching these guys, I was entranced by the bass player!

Thank you Jill for inviting me to do this guest post for your fabulous blog. I am truly honoured and I hope that I’ve done your blog justice.

x desleyjane