Black Surf

Black Surf – Are We Getting Closer

Black Surf are a band from Leeds, UK with a new single “Are We Getting Closer?” off their debut self-titled EP.

When I first listened to the song, I recalled the alternative bands of the 90s, like Oasis and Foo Fighters. Black Surf says: “Rather than wanting to recreate the music we grew up listening to, we wanted to take those mid 90s college rock bands and create simple, shameless alternative rock that makes people want to kiss and punch each other at the same time.”

Black Surf asks: Are We Getting Closer? At some moments in the song, Black Surf seem to question what is really new and different and then what the meaning of it all is. It also jabs a bit of fun at such navel-gazing and says that living now is all that matters so just enjoy it.

Black Surf’s new EP can be downloaded free at