Breaking Us in Two

It’s still Tuesday. How did it go so wrong? I’m listening to this song by Joe Jackson because my relationship with Paul is not in a good place. I wanted to go out to a Meetup group and spend some time with my friends. We had had a difficult day at the Vet as we each have 2 kitties with serious medical issues. When we got back, Paul completely shut down and just sat in his chair. I wanted to try and cheer him up or at least get him to eat something. Well, I had planned to go to my regular meetup group in the city, but I would have skipped it if he wouldn’t have turned so inward. I called Paul from the train and he didn’t understand why I wasn’t with him every night and why do I have to go out with friends or to a meetup group. I found this very selfish thinking. You can’t be with someone all the time and have a healthy relationship. He can’t count on me for everything. It’s not fair to me. He also knows that I’m having insomnia basically since we got together. I sleep sometimes 2 or 3 or 4 hours a night. 5 hours is miraculous. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to try and solve this problem. I know the answer. I have to lessen the intensity of the relationship. I don’t want to break up but I can’t be everything he needs. I have hobbies, other friends, and then desire to go out in the fresh air. I’m working on my weight loss and will be joining a gym. Is he going to resent that too. Not likely, since if you recall, he blatantly told me I should lose weight. You know, I am happy and I’d like to stay happy. I guess we’ll just see what happens tomorrow. Here’s to another sleepless night.

New Glasses – New Vision

On Sunday night I lost my glasses. I had a spare pair, which I had made a year ago and had never worn. I have nearsightedness and astigmatism so glasses are my window to an otherwise blurry world.
I have spent the last few days getting accustomed to my new look, and new perspective.
I am seeing things differently, of course.
It has been twenty days since I first kissed Paul, since that amazing night where we stayed up until 2 a.m. We know a lot more about each other now, good and bad. Relationships are tricky when you’ve been single as long as he & I both have. Suddenly there’s this other person who you have to consider whilst making even the smallest decision.
It’s a challenge. I love being with him, our talks at the T-Bone Diner, walking in Forest Hills, shopping for new bras for me at Macy’s. I like motivating him to go beyond what he feels he is capable of. Paul has back pains and often would rather stay home. Paul also motivates me to get healthier, get along better with my parents, follow my dreams and he has a heart of gold. I do have to work on my warmth and affectionate behavior. I do think it’s worth it and dear readers, I hope you will enjoy following our relationship with these weekly updates.

Dave Fidler – Artist Spotlight

Dave Fidler describes himself as a British recording artist, raised by wolves. Perhaps wolves with the blues and bluegrass skills on the guitar.

Dave’s debut album “I’m Not Here” is available on limited edition vinyl and CD from

Dave has upcoming tour dates:
Feb 13 Leicester at Soundhouse
Feb 17 Chorlton at Strange brew

The Vultures

I’m delighted to have a guest blogger for Jillypopmusic. Desleyjane is from Australia and will be presenting The Vultures. I am always excited to discover new great bands and what better way than from the locals!

The Vultures is an Australian band – a trio from the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. I went to a gig last year to see a colleague of a friend perform and she was in the lineup with 3 other bands. We stuck around to hear these guys and I am so glad we did. I’ve found a new favourite band – these guys are cool. It’s quite exciting to come across a band who are part alternative, part blues, and a lot of rock. They’re quite young but their sound is not.

They’ve been around since 2012 and they’re a passionate group of guys who are working hard to be heard – and they are well worth a listen. Their music is fresh but with a familiar feel thanks to the influence of some cool blues layering through their tracks.

The Vultures are currently writing and preparing for their next studio release, but they have kindly passed on their latest music video from The Vultures EPII – I’m so excited to show you this track! The song is called “Eleven Fifteen” and it is a lively and rocking track, well put together.

For an extra special treat, I’m adding my favourite song – “Shot Me Down”- a great video too.

Comprising Liam Bowditch (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Joe MacPhail (Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals) and Jay Varudo (Bass GuitarBacking Vocals), The Vultures are definitely a band to watch.

A little word on the photography, since I’m a photoblogger at heart 😉

These photos were taken when I was still quite new to photography. Please forgive my lack of sharpness, but I think they capture the moments from the night. I had a blast watching these guys, I was entranced by the bass player!

Thank you Jill for inviting me to do this guest post for your fabulous blog. I am truly honoured and I hope that I’ve done your blog justice.

x desleyjane

all worlds are born in mighty dreams (a triolet)

Katerina Marks wrote a beautiful poem that I am pleased to share today, since Wednesday is my day for creative writing posts.

Kat's Scribbles

all worlds are born in mighty dreams
for many views there are no eyes
tears give life to beautiful streams
all worlds are born in mighty dreams
secrets take flight on soft moonbeams
despair washed away in deep sighs
all worlds are born in mighty dreams
for many views there are no eyes

Katerina Marks
3 Feb 2015

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The girl on the train to Siena


Wednesday’s creative writing post is a very short story I wrote during a one-week Writing Workshop in Tuscany.(Photo credit

The Girl on the Train to Siena

I board the train for a day trip to Siena and I take a seat by the window. The car is empty. I close my eyes and stretch my legs.

Just as the train is about to pull out, I am suddenly surrounded by six young American girls. They scramble into seats like the music has just stopped in a game of musical chairs.

They are thin and tan, their long legs smooth, their faces unfettered by lines. They are all equally attractive in the way that friends are, naturally gravitating towards one another, but I wouldn’t call them pretty.

Except for one girl.

She was sitting to my left and had long, straight brown hair that fell just below her breasts and smelled of Finesse shampoo. She wore a blue denim miniskirt and simple black tank top and wore a thin gold anklet above red flip-flops.

As the train rolled along the Tuscan countryside, she tilted her head backwards and drifted into sleep. Her body swayed as the train took curves, and as her head dipped to the right the tips of her hair grazed my left arm.

It was lovely, like the stroke of a feather.

The train rocked to the left and she tilted her head upright.

Another curve to the right, and her head fell further sideways and her hair tumbled across my arm. This time she did not lift her head back up, so her tresses rested like a summer shawl on my bare skin.

I glanced at her friends to see if they noticed her hair draped across a stranger’s arm, but they were absorbed in their conversation.

Only a few minutes went by, but it felt like hours, and I wished I could have run my fingers through her hair.

The train stopped abruptly, jolting her awake, as we had arrived in Siena.

With a blow of the conductor’s whistle, I smiled as I watched her walk slowly away.

Jillypopmusic day-by-day editorial schedule

Dear readers, January was a very busy month at Jillypopmusic. I posted a lot and it sometimes seemed like there was no method to the madness. Starting this week, I have an editorial schedule that I’m going to follow. That way, if you’re interested in my posts about music, you’ll know when and where to find them. If you enjoy my creative writing or personal blog posts about my love life, those will be scheduled as well.

Band Spotlight – An in-depth series which includes interviews and videos of a band worth featuring

Personal Blog – Maybe I will chat about Paul (who I am dating) or my struggle with Weight Watchers or depression.

Creative Writing – I participate in both online and in-person writing workshops and will share short pieces.

#tbt Throwback Thursday – This could be a video of a song, clip from a film, or embarrassing photo.

You’re My Inspiration – feature on a motivational or inspirational song or video that pertains to my life.

Guest blogger – I plan to ask my fellow excellent bloggers to guest author a post.

Awards/TV/Film/Books/Theatre – This will vary. Perhaps a review of the latest episode of Downton Abbey. I also may sometimes accept a blogging award from the WordPress blogging community, which requires a lengthy post.

Happy reading!