crooked roads

Camille Peruto – Crooked Roads

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Who ever in here has ever felt that they need some guidance to follow the right path in their life? The feeling that we are just drifting through our days because we don’t know what we want to do or to even believe. There is just too many roads to take that it’s difficult to choose the best one is. Camille Peruto wants you to be valiant and to just decide on a road, no matter if it may be “Crooked Roads”, the point is you chose it, no one ever really really knows what road is the correct road anyways. Camille tries to paint you a picture where crooked roads do go so that you may be wary of where they may lead but nevertheless, choose one that makes you happy and leaves you satisfied with the results.

Musically, Camille Peruto came out in Season 14 of American Idol and that has warranted her to open for big acts such as the Dave Matthews band and Tim Reynolds, but this New Jersey based pop artist is destined for great success with the talent she possesses. Vocally, she is tremendous in “Crooked Roads” and she has a way of connecting with her audience. It is such a surreal and eerie feeling but we defintely appreciate her for showing us the way. Listen to “Crooked Roads” at SoundCloud.

From the Sea to the Sky is Camille Peruto’s second album, just released last week. Buy her music on iTunes.

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