George Michael Tribute – One More Try (by JR Richards)

This video is dedicated to my amazing boyfriend M. It’s our third month together and he means the world to me. I’m so in love it hurts sometimes. I know how lucky I am to have M in my life and in my heart. I would be lost without him.

J.R. Richards’ music has helped me through many melancholic evenings. His voice has wiped away my tears and I hope you enjoy this cover.

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I’ve had enough of danger
And people on the streets
I’m looking out for angels
Just trying to find some peace
Now I think it’s time
That you let me know
So if you love me
Say you love me
But if you don’t just let me go
‘Cause teacher
There are things that I don’t want to learn
And the last one I had
Made me cry
So I don’t want to learn to
Hold you, touch you
Think that you’re mine
Because it ain’t no joy
For an uptown boy
Whose teacher has told him goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
When you were just a stranger
And I was at your feet
I didn’t feel the danger
Now I feel the heat
That look in your eyes
Telling me no
So you think that you love me
Know that you need me
I wrote the song, I know it’s wrong
Just let me go
And teacher
There are things
That I don’t want to learn

JR Richards – Come To Tears

“Come To Tears” was inspired by and dedicated to my son Dom. My heart and prayers go out to all children, teenagers, young adults and their families that are affected by childhood onset illnesses. We know first hand how brutal, difficult and lonely the path is. My wife, Min, and I feel very strongly that we want to end the stigma attached to mental illness. We feel together we can make a huge difference. It’s time to talk about it. Share it. Empathize with people struggling. Understand. Love and give.
Come To Tears is about the terrifying psychosis that my son has and does experience. We are forever hopeful for a bright future and the tremendous advances being made in research and the development of therapies.
Together we are one.
~ JR (via Facebook)

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By JR Richards

and I surrender
to the loneliness the rain
all the voices
are coming back again
and I’m forever lost in-between

I’ll surrender
to the dark inside of me
I have my reasons
I’m the monster in this dream
so forever from me I will run

“I see you”
the devils sing to terrify
so all my angels run
to the dark side soon now all the LOVE is gone
can I carry on?
or shall I run and hide away?
run away tonight

I’ll surrender
to the shadows on the wall
it seems to reason
that so many tears must fall
I am unwell and afraid..

“I see you”
The voices sing to terrify
as my angels run
in a mad place far away the LOVE is gone
and now everyone
has run away from me
run away tonight

uh-oh my world is gone
and I can not be seen
uh oh its COME TO TEARS
and now I’m in-between
uh oh who I am is gone
when will I be free?
uh-oh uh-oh
will I ever be LOVED?
when will I be free?
when will I be LOVED?

I’ve lost myself