Don Johnson

Back to blogging! Hamlet and Fall TV!


Hi everyone! I took a summer hiatus from blogging and I have missed it terribly, especially interacting with my friends I have made through blogging. I have missed reading your posts and leaving comments and the whole wonderful world of the blogosphere.

The best news I have to share is my cat Hamlet is in remission! He has small cell lymphoma and also had a carcinoma removed from his paw. Boy what he has been through this year! I love him so much and I’m so happy he’s doing so well.


Since this is a pop culture blog, I must chime in on some of the new Fall TV which premiered recently. Of the new shows I’ve seen, my favorite is “The Grinder” starring Rob Lowe. Rob’s character recently ended a series where he played a lawyer and comes home to Idaho to visit his family and decides he wants to be a real lawyer in his family’s firm. It’s really funny and Fred Savage is great as Rob’s brother.

One show with incredible buzz which is sitting in my DVR is “Scream Queens.” I really am meaning to watch it but haven’t yet. Another which I haven’t gotten to yet is “The Muppets.” “Supergirl” hasn’t premiered yet but looks promising. I did watch “Grandfathered” and it’s cute and I hope it does well.

I was suprised how much I enjoyed the pilot of “Blood and Oil” starring Don Johnson and Chace Crawford (Nate from “Gossip Girl”) and it’s kind of a guilty pleasure.

Are there any new shows you are watching that I should check out? Thanks for reading!