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Every Brilliant Thing – Reason #1009


In Every Brilliant Thing there is a list given by the son to his suicidal mother of brilliant things about life to make her want to keep living.

Here’s the list item I was given to say out loud, when prompted during the show.

Just a sneak peak as my review will be posted soon. I have a lot to say about Every Brilliant Thing and I’m still digesting Sunday night’s performance. Incredible show. Stay tuned…

Every Brilliant Thing

On Sunday evening I will be going to the Off-Broadway show Every Brilliant Thing at the Barrow Street Theatre. It’s a one man show about a son whose mother is suicidal and he comes up with a huge list of reasons she shouldn’t kill herself – but wait – it’s actually supposed to be funny and uplifting and I can’t wait to see it. I will post my review next week.