John Hughes

#TBT The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary celebration tonight

Tonight begins the limited theatrical screenings of The Breakfast Club to celebrate its 30th anniversary. To see where it’s screening visit

I saw The Breakfast Club in the theater in 1985. It is a brilliant film. John Hughes RIP! A bit of trivia: John Hughes doesn’t permit The Breakfast Club to be performed as a play in schools. Please, let’s hope Hollywood never produces a remake. It’s a classic.

I’m hoping to see it at Kew Gardens Cinema tonight. Because I am a brain, a princess, an athlete, a criminal, and a basketcase.

Photo Challenge: Wall


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Wall.”

This is a photo of my kitchen wall. I had insomnia one night – well, lately it’s every night – and I hung this poster of John Hughes’s film “Pretty in Pink.” Technically, I measured the space pretty well I thought, except I didn’t account for gravity and the bottom of the frame fell into the electric outlet, making it unusuable. I actually like the imperfection. It is symbolic of how I try to make things perfect and measured and think I am logical but then I’ll miss something really obvious. It was also like 3 a.m. and my cat was recovering in the hospital post-surgery on his stomach. So I was focusing on hanging this photo and it was a good distraction.

When 80s icons collide – Molly Ringwald and Jessies Girl


Two 80’s icons collided in my Twitter feed today. John Hughes’s ubermuse Molly Ringwald and Rick Springfield’s hit song “Jessie’s Girl ” are probably in my top ten list of favorite 80’s pop culture icons. I was pretty psyched to read Molly’s tweet about a fictional sequel song to Jessie’s Girl. 
I thought about Pretty in Pink and what that sequel would be like. Would Andie and Blaine have stayed together? Would Duckie have come out?
That’s the beauty of a near perfect film. When the credits roll, you get to write the sequel in your head. 
As for Jessie’s Girl, she never even had a name. She was a fantasy and that only works out in a John Hughes film starring Molly Ringwald.