Writing 101 – Magic


Las Vegas, whose magic cast a spell, enchanted me to stay.
Eat, drink, play, explore, she beckoned.

The magic of her strip of dreams, fulfilled and dashed, of winners and losers.

Her bridges filled with homeless and beggars can’t spoil her brightness.

She’s like Circe, the Goddess of Magic, to whom Odysseus didn’t succumb, but remained for the feast and wine.


Writing 101 – Las Vegas series of 5 poems


Since I am visiting Las Vegas during my Writing 101 course, I decided to put assignments 1 to 5 in a Las Vegas theme.

The prompts are:
1. magic
2. reflections
3. sleep
4. seconds
5. freedom

I will post each separately and hope to be finished catching up by Monday.

little brown bag

I have been cleaning my apartment and found a folder today containing this poem I wrote in 2003 for a Writing Group I regularly attended in 2003.
img002 (2)

I scanned it and I hope it’s legible so I will present it to you, who hopefully enjoy my poetry and can relate to retail therapy.

JillMPallack.wordpress.com – spinoff blog

Dear followers and readers of Jillypopmusic. This was always intended to be purely a blog about independent music. It started to veer into creative writing and I have decided to spin off into a new wordpress blog which will be a portfolio of my writing.

If you’re interested, please visit http://jillmpallack.wordpress.com

My first post is live http://wp.me/p5PPGi-2

Thanks for following my blog! I hope you will follow my portfolio blog also.


There’s a place for me in the sun

My #ReblogWednesday is this lovely poem by Luke Otley. Read more of his poetry at lukeotley.com


There was the bus

beastly, pulling up

I sprinted, nimble in my winkle-pickers

thinking ‘ahh, there she goes’

in a lurching, twerking cloud of fetid stink

It’s funny; in your rushed make-up

lines climbed around your eyes like the

footprints of tiny sea birds

in a riverbed

‘Two winters is too long’, I thought

There must be

a place for me


in the sun

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all worlds are born in mighty dreams (a triolet)

Katerina Marks wrote a beautiful poem that I am pleased to share today, since Wednesday is my day for creative writing posts.

Kat's Scribbles

all worlds are born in mighty dreams
for many views there are no eyes
tears give life to beautiful streams
all worlds are born in mighty dreams
secrets take flight on soft moonbeams
despair washed away in deep sighs
all worlds are born in mighty dreams
for many views there are no eyes

Katerina Marks
3 Feb 2015

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