Spread the Love

I was nominated by my friend desleyjane to take part in the Spread the Love event. Here are the rules:

1. Write 10 four-word sentences about what love means to you.
2. Share your favorite quote on love.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers to join in.


Love is…

1. Telling each other secrets
2. Dancing until it’s dawn
3. Bringing soup when sick
4. When you hold hands
5. Sharing ice cream cones
6. Visiting new places together
7. Going back to favorites
8. Sharing a morning coffee
9. Hugging for twenty seconds
10. Wanting to kiss forever

Those were all about romance, but I’d just like to add that love between parent and child and between human and pet is the unconditional love that I most cherish.
Which leads me to my quote:

All you need is love. -The Beatles

Ten blogs I am nominating:

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