split the night

Eddy Yang releases new Pop track, “Split The Night”

“Well you don’t see that everyday,” something we say when we are just in awe of something really unordinary that you witness. Well, check this out! We have here an emerging Asian American Indie Rock artist that is based out of the Los Angeles area. We had very high and probably unrealistic expectations because we expected him to take it to the next level the way Jeremy Lin did with basketball, but instead we were sorely let down. His new track, “Split The Night” was a great idea but the execution was poor.
We were excited when we thought we listened to some sweet guitar riffs that is played over electronic beats. We were even more excited when we learned that many of his influences were: The Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen, even modern artists like Kanye West, Beaches and Chvrches. As we can see with this mix of influences, Eddy Yang stick the confines of rock but he also embraces the production styles of pop music. All of this sounds good on paper, but unfortunately, we agreed that this just did not sound good, period. We don’t like to kick people while they’re down so we will only point out two faults that were our main concerns for Eddy.
For one, we were not impressed with the vocals at all. We can already feel that his vocal range is limited, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many vocalists made a great living sticking to their niche, but Eddy’s vocals is nothing that is distinct but rather bland and monotonous. Don’t get us wrong, this is something that can be practiced but as we all know, a unique talented voice cannot be taught. Our other main concern was with the production, which can be fixed immediately with a bit of a deeper investment. It just doesn’t sound professionally mixed or even in tune. We might be being a bit harsh on Eddy Yang, but listen to “Split The Night” and let us know how you feel about this track.