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Band spotlight – Smoke Season


From 2004-2009 there was a showcase in L.A. for female singer/songwriters and female-fronted bands called “Don’t Call Us Tori.” It featured artists in the vein of Tori Amos, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Fiona Apple, Gwen Stefani, and Norah Jones at venues like The Hotel Cafe and Karma Coffeehouse. When I listened to L.A. based indie electronic americana band Smoke Season’s tracks “Bees” and “Opaque” I was reminded of that showcase as Smoke Season would have been perfect for it.

Smoke Season was formed in early 2013 by Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. Gabrielle’s voice is at times breathy, guttural and Smoke Season sounds like no other band, though I hear the influences of Tori Amos, Gwen Stefani and The Black Keys.

The video for “Bees” is extremely cool and visually fits the track perfectly. Also, check out the live video for “Opaque” and you’ll be captivated by Smoke Season.

Smoke Season’s sophomore EP, Hot Coals Cold Souls, was released in 2014, and is available on iTunes. Stream their new single “Bees” on Soundcloud below.

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