Veronica Mars

Best 11 songs of 2014

Every music blog or website makes end of the year Best Songs of that year lists. Since I’m a tad late to the party, I’d love to share my list of best 11 songs of last year in no particular order.

I actually created this as a SoundCloud playlist in June 2014 as “Songs of Summer” – my prediction of what indie music lovers would be listening to. And so it becomes my end of the year best of list.

The featured photo is Logan and Veronica from the best TV show ever “Veronica Mars” which ran for 3 seasons on the CW.

What you think of my picks? What were some of your favorite songs of 2014?

Funny or Die – Veronica Mars 10K Kickstarter Backer’s Line


After watching the Veronica Mars movie, I noticed that the backer whose line “Your check, Sir” that was a $10,000 Kickstarter reward was not actually in the film. Director Rob Thomas explained that it got cut and the backer was featured elsewhere and he made a Funny or Die video spoofing the promised three word role for the backer. It’s clever, featuring other Kickstarter backers that were extras in the film saying the line.