Michael Minelli- W4YL


Unrequited love – a very relatable issue to virtually anyone. Sometimes you just have to cut the person loose; you can’t be waiting on him/her to reciprocate forever. This is what Michael Minelli covers in his latest single, “W4YL” (an abbreviation of Wait For Your Love). As unpleasant as having the aforementioned problem is, Minelli manages to make a ridiculously groovy track about it. His lyrics are evocative of Michael Jackson’s earlier works and combined with an upbeat guitar riff as well as some synth stabs, the final product is an interesting fusion of early pop sensibilities and a more edgy, modern sound.

Minelli garnered national press when he won a Ryan Seacrest cover contest for his version of John Legend’s “All of Me,” which was even played during an interview with John Legend on CBS’s “Good Morning America”. He has even had an original song featured on ESPN’s First Take for an entire month. The verdict: Minelli is destined for great success with the talent he possesses.

Listen to “W4YL” at https://soundcloud.com/michaelminelli

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