little brown bag

I have been cleaning my apartment and found a folder today containing this poem I wrote in 2003 for a Writing Group I regularly attended in 2003.
img002 (2)

I scanned it and I hope it’s legible so I will present it to you, who hopefully enjoy my poetry and can relate to retail therapy.

100 Followers of Jillypopmusic!


I just want to thank the 100 wonderful people who follow my blog. I really never imagined when I began this blog last year that anyone would read it.

After a long hiatus, I have been priveleged to write many blog posts in 2015 that I have received wonderful feedback and likes. It just makes it worthwhile. I would blog anyway, but it’s nice to have you here.


Mikey Wax U.S. Headlining Tour


The very talented independent artist Mikey Wax has two special updates I’m sharing which Mikey announced today.

First, I’m thrilled to officially announce this spring I’ll be doing a big U.S HEADLINING tour! This is my first tour as the “main attraction” and also the first time I’ll be taking my band on the road. Details below. Second, I’m very happy to share that my song “You Lift Me Up” is being featured in the TV commercial of a very popular show! Can you guess which show? Read on to find out.

The past few years I’ve had the privilege to open for many talented artists and grow a fan base at these shows. Your support has been invaluable, which is why I’m so grateful to now have the opportunity to go on my own headlining tour. I’m hitting 20+ cities across the country, and I will have my best show possible if you are there! Tickets are on sale NOW! Dates and tickets are to the right.

Want to hang together backstage and have me serenade you acoustically? All you have to do is get some friends out to a show! Purchase 5 tickets to the show of your choice, forward your receipt to my e-mail (, and you and your friends will get to join me backstage pre-show. I’ll sing your favorite song, take some photos, and maybe we’ll even grab dinner, you never know!

You can also help me promote this tour simply by sharing the photo below to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #MikeyWaxTour.

Now for the answer you’ve been waiting for… I’m thrilled to say “You Lift Me Up” is being featured in the new Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 10 promo commercial airing on E! Be sure to tune in and hopefully you can catch it over the next few weeks 🙂

Can’t wait to see you at a show and thanks for all the support! Buy tickets now before they sell out!

In New York, Mikey is playing at one of my favorite venues, Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 at 196 Allen St. The show is Friday, March 27 at 7 p.m.

New Glasses – New Vision

On Sunday night I lost my glasses. I had a spare pair, which I had made a year ago and had never worn. I have nearsightedness and astigmatism so glasses are my window to an otherwise blurry world.
I have spent the last few days getting accustomed to my new look, and new perspective.
I am seeing things differently, of course.
It has been twenty days since I first kissed Paul, since that amazing night where we stayed up until 2 a.m. We know a lot more about each other now, good and bad. Relationships are tricky when you’ve been single as long as he & I both have. Suddenly there’s this other person who you have to consider whilst making even the smallest decision.
It’s a challenge. I love being with him, our talks at the T-Bone Diner, walking in Forest Hills, shopping for new bras for me at Macy’s. I like motivating him to go beyond what he feels he is capable of. Paul has back pains and often would rather stay home. Paul also motivates me to get healthier, get along better with my parents, follow my dreams and he has a heart of gold. I do have to work on my warmth and affectionate behavior. I do think it’s worth it and dear readers, I hope you will enjoy following our relationship with these weekly updates.

The girl on the train to Siena


Wednesday’s creative writing post is a very short story I wrote during a one-week Writing Workshop in Tuscany.(Photo credit

The Girl on the Train to Siena

I board the train for a day trip to Siena and I take a seat by the window. The car is empty. I close my eyes and stretch my legs.

Just as the train is about to pull out, I am suddenly surrounded by six young American girls. They scramble into seats like the music has just stopped in a game of musical chairs.

They are thin and tan, their long legs smooth, their faces unfettered by lines. They are all equally attractive in the way that friends are, naturally gravitating towards one another, but I wouldn’t call them pretty.

Except for one girl.

She was sitting to my left and had long, straight brown hair that fell just below her breasts and smelled of Finesse shampoo. She wore a blue denim miniskirt and simple black tank top and wore a thin gold anklet above red flip-flops.

As the train rolled along the Tuscan countryside, she tilted her head backwards and drifted into sleep. Her body swayed as the train took curves, and as her head dipped to the right the tips of her hair grazed my left arm.

It was lovely, like the stroke of a feather.

The train rocked to the left and she tilted her head upright.

Another curve to the right, and her head fell further sideways and her hair tumbled across my arm. This time she did not lift her head back up, so her tresses rested like a summer shawl on my bare skin.

I glanced at her friends to see if they noticed her hair draped across a stranger’s arm, but they were absorbed in their conversation.

Only a few minutes went by, but it felt like hours, and I wished I could have run my fingers through her hair.

The train stopped abruptly, jolting her awake, as we had arrived in Siena.

With a blow of the conductor’s whistle, I smiled as I watched her walk slowly away.