New Tagline – pop culture rocks


I have changed the tagline of jillypopmusic to pop culture rocks. It’s a better reflection of the subjects I will cover, like indie rock bands and pop culture. The play on words is based on the 1970’s candy Pop Rocks. It was a unique candy of sugar crystals that created an intense fizzle upon your tongue. I loved them!

Thanks for reading! I’m so excited to be blogging again after a short hiatus. I’ve been reading so many great blogs and interacting with my fellow Blogging101 students is amazing.

Finally, if you had a favorite candy as a child what was it and why? I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Great choice of tagline, tells us what you’re about, I also think the theme you’re using really suits the blog!

    Hmmm… favourite childhood sweets, there are so many choices, I’ll go for white mice!

  2. This blog will teach me all I need to know about modern pop culture! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far and realize I’ve got a lot to learn.

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