Beecher’s Fault – Matchstick Kings

Beecher’s Fault are an indie pop/rock band from beautiful Astoria, New York. The leaders of the band, Ken Lamken and Ben Taylor, met in New Jersey a few years back before they booked it to NYC to seek out the limelight after realizing their musical compatibility. Max Maples (drums) and Serge Ruccolo (Bass) now complete the quartet that has been said to have live performances that produce a “wall of sound” complemented by “raw, honest lyrics” and “pristine vocal harmonies”.

I really like their song Matchstick Kings, which was recently featured in the official trailer for “The Outfield.” I can’t compare them to any other band as their sound is quite unique and addictive and worth listening to.

Beecher’s Fault are playing tonight at Bowery Electric at 10pm. Opening for them are Olivia Castriota and Forlorn Stranger with the music beginning at 8pm.



    1. Dj, they do look like they’d be fun live. With Hamlet’s condition, I’ve been staying home with him as much as possible. They are a local band so I hope they’ll play again soon.

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