Jillypopmusic day-by-day editorial schedule

Dear readers, January was a very busy month at Jillypopmusic. I posted a lot and it sometimes seemed like there was no method to the madness. Starting this week, I have an editorial schedule that I’m going to follow. That way, if you’re interested in my posts about music, you’ll know when and where to find them. If you enjoy my creative writing or personal blog posts about my love life, those will be scheduled as well.

Band Spotlight – An in-depth series which includes interviews and videos of a band worth featuring

Personal Blog – Maybe I will chat about Paul (who I am dating) or my struggle with Weight Watchers or depression.

Creative Writing – I participate in both online and in-person writing workshops and will share short pieces.

#tbt Throwback Thursday – This could be a video of a song, clip from a film, or embarrassing photo.

You’re My Inspiration – feature on a motivational or inspirational song or video that pertains to my life.

Guest blogger – I plan to ask my fellow excellent bloggers to guest author a post.

Awards/TV/Film/Books/Theatre – This will vary. Perhaps a review of the latest episode of Downton Abbey. I also may sometimes accept a blogging award from the WordPress blogging community, which requires a lengthy post.

Happy reading!


  1. This is a really good idea. I can take inspiration from this. I know what direction I want to take my blog in – I’ve got different strands I want to focus on – but I’ve just lacked a bit of structure up until now. This is simple but really effective. Thanks

  2. Great job, I love the organisation! I’ve still been developing my blog and got another project underway, hoping that it will all settle down so I can get a structure together like this, I have a lot of ideas but not so much of a plan right now.

  3. it’s great that you were able to come up with a schedule for every day of the week! I don’t think I could do that! ha.

      1. I started Blogging 101 and got past day 2. Now I have to do a marathon session tomorrow to catch up! LOL

      2. I want to check out some writing tutorials or whatever they are. To get better at writing. I’m finding that when I am not depressed I really like to write.

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