Beaujolais, s’il vous plait


The first wine I ever had was in Paris many years ago and it was Beaujolais. OK, I know zilch about wine and I have tried several other reds, but my favorite will always be the youthful wine from my youth.

I was backpacking around Europe and there was a southern BBQ restaurant that I had read about in a guide book. So I show up, but they said they were closed for a wedding party. I was a bit dismayed and then they invited me to come in and crash! It was a splendid evening and I remember there being many bottles of wine. All Beaujolais. I was given a glass or two, danced up a storm, and left with a wonderful memory of a unique Parisian adventure.

Ever since, whenever I go out to eat and peruse the wine list, 99% of the time there is not Beaujolais. As I later learned, it’s more of a table wine and I suppose the sommeliers are snobby about it. Except at the NYC restaurant The Meatball Shop, I recently ordered my favorite.

Generally I pick up a $9.99 bottle at my liquor store and since I don’t drink much, one bottle lasts about 4-5 days. I love it. I always will. And I suppose you never forget your first.


  1. I love this story! It reminds me of all my fun times aboard as well 🙂 But I never crashed a wedding party at a BBQ place hahah you win! I will have to give this wine a try!

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